Meet Isabell

When you have cancer, we know it can feel like a scary and unfamiliar place. And just being in a hospital or a treatment centre can feel daunting.

That's why we've created the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark®: our seal of approval awarded to cancer care environments. It makes sure when someone's having a difficult time, they can feel as comfortable and in control as possible.

Making the mark

To achieve this award, environments have to be successful in a number of areas that people living with cancer have told us are important to them. These include being welcoming and accessible to all, giving everyone choice and control, and being respectful of people's privacy and dignity.

Credited for three years, Macmillan also offers awarded environments advice and support to help them maintain and continuously improve their level of care.

First-hand praise

An environment that's been given this mark of excellence is Ward 1 at Edinburgh's Western General Hospital. We caught up with Isabell (pictured above), a patient at the ward, about her experience. She says:

'It's very laid back and you don't feel stressed at all in here. The staff are wonderful. I just feel that they can't be any more helpful, their caring attitude is what comes over.

'It's incredibly helpful if you're in that situation. There are also stacks of Macmillan leaflets, all the information you could ask for. If a hospital can be pleasant, it's pleasant.'

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