Our fundraising promise to you

You do great things for Macmillan. We promise to do the right thing by you.

You're part of a huge team that's making a real difference to people affected by cancer. Nearly everything we do relies on donations. From Macmillan nurses to providing cancer information to helping people with their money worries, we simply would not be able to do it without supporters like you.

So, you have the right to know you can trust us to be fair, honest and treat you with respect. When you give to Macmillan, we give you our word that your money will help make sure we do whatever it takes for people living with cancer.

You can expect

  • To count on us to support your fundraising every step of the way.
  • To not feel under pressure to give more or more frequently than you want.
  • To choose how we contact you and change this at any time.
  • To know how we are using your donation to help people affected by cancer.
  • Us to be clear about who we are and what we do.
  • Us to be transparent about our fundraising costs.
  • Your personal details to be safe and secure.
  • To tell us when something’s wrong and we’ll put it right if we can.
  • To hear about the difference you’re making, with a big THANK YOU from us.
Male nurse and woman

We promise

  • We'll make sure our fundraising is legal and follows best practice.
  • We'll be clear, honest and open.
  • We'll always use the Fundraising Regulator Code of Fundraising Practice as our minimum standard, and go beyond it where we can.
  • We'll make our annual report and accounts easy to understand.
  • We'll keep your details safe and never sell or swap them.
  • We'll use your details in the way you have agreed to and only tell you about things we think you may be interested in.
  • If things do go wrong, we'll listen, act and learn.
  • When things go well, we'll try to do even better - so please tell us if you like something we've done.
  • We'll tell you how your donations are helping to change lives.
  • We'll be clear about who we are and what we do for people affected by cancer and how we can support everyone who needs us.
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In these times we also promise

  • We'll make sure all our fundraising activity is done in a responsible, sensitive and safe way, and that it follows current Government advice around coronavirus. This includes that of the devolved nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is for both fundraising done by Macmillan and professional fundraisers working on our behalf.
  • We will tell our supporters where they can find the Government advice around coronavirus and highlight the measures they can take to help them stay safe when carrying out fundraising activities for Macmillan.
  • We will respect the needs of people in vulnerable situations and make sure our processes meet their needs.  

Fundraising methods at Macmillan

We are dedicated to supporting millions of people affected by cancer every year and apply the highest of standards to all of our work.

We couldn't do what we do for people affected by cancer without our supporters.

We rely upon voluntary donations for 98% of our income and are extremely grateful to everyone who supports us.

It's really important we are transparent in everything we do which is why we are open about how we raise and spend our money.

In 2021 our fundraised income allowed us to spend £171.6 million on services for people affected by cancer. And with the number of people living with cancer rising, we need to increase our fundraising in order to support everyone.

Read about the impact of donations

You can find out more about how and we raised and spent our money in our most recent Annual Report and Accounts.

Have a question?

The team at our Supporter Care Hub are always happy to help. Call 0300 1000 200 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm or email fundraising@macmillan.org.uk.