The Young Macmillan Champion Award

For inspiring and exceptional young volunteers.

This award recognises an individual or group that:

  • is, or whose members are, below the age of 25 at the time of nomination
  • demonstrates leadership ability
  • demonstrates evidence of activity above and beyond the standard expectation for their age
  • contributes to Macmillan through caring for people, speaking, significant press coverage or social media activity, entrepreneurial initiatives, fundraising, or inspiring others using their own cancer experience.

Beau McKee, 2019 UK winner

Beau and his brother Alfie took part in Run January. They ran a minimum of three miles each day in wind, rain, snow and ice. By the end of January, they had raised over £4,000.

Beau decided he was going to run every day in 2018. The money Beau has raised through this challenge is almost £28,000. In total, he ran an incredible 1456 miles.

Beau uses any opportunity to spread the word about Macmillan. He often appears in the local newspaper, with updates about his challenge. On the school residential, Beau was up at 5.45am to run through the streets of York.

On a family holiday in Greece he ran in temperatures of up to 37 degrees. He had his Christmas Day run, too. His Dad was dressed as Santa and Beau was an elf.

When Beau looked tired, his Dad asked him if he wanted to take a couple of days off. Beau replied, ‘No Dad, I just want to help people.' Beau inspires people daily, showing what can be achieved with determination. Beau is a credit to his family and to Macmillan.

What he's doing isn’t just good on a national level – it’s world class.

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