The Young Macmillan Champion Award

For inspiring and exceptional young volunteers.

This award recognises an individual or group that:

  • is, or whose members are, below the age of 25 at the time of nomination
  • demonstrates leadership ability
  • demonstrates evidence of activity above and beyond the standard expectation for their age
  • contributes to Macmillan through caring for people, speaking, significant press coverage or social media activity, entrepreneurial initiatives, fundraising, or inspiring others using their own cancer experience.

Grace Smith, 2018 UK winner

Grace, a selfless nine-year-old from Chorley in Lancashire, was inspired to do something special after her great-uncle received support from Macmillan. After hosting a tea party for Macmillan in 2016 and raising £400, Grace was driven to do something bigger and better last year. She researched, planned and arranged the event, organising everything from the posters to the bouncy castle. Grace even distributed handwritten letters to companies asking them to donate raffle prizes. 

Additionally, she handmade more than 100 metres of bunting and baked more than 70 delicious cakes. Grace raised an incredible £1,411.77, demonstrating drive, talent, and an astonishing commitment to Macmillan.

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