The Young Macmillan Champion Award

For inspiring and exceptional young volunteers.

This award recognises an individual or group that:

  • is (or whose members are below) the age of 25 at the time of nomination
  • demonstrates leadership ability in their age group
  • demonstrates evidence of activity above and beyond the standard expectation for their age
  • contributes to Macmillan through caring for people, speaking, significant press coverage or social media activity, entrepreneurial initiatives, fundraising, or inspiring others using their own cancer experience.

Adam Lyne, 2017 UK winner
The online gaming ace using his influence

As an inspiring young entrepreneur, Adam realised he could combine his unique talent for online gaming with his passion for Macmillan to achieve something truly amazing. In 2014, aged just 19, Adam asked his many followers on the game Runescape to sponsor him for a 24-hour live-streamed gaming marathon to raise money for Macmillan. He repeated the challenge over the following two years, raising an astonishing £150,000. Each time, Adam told his audience about the support Macmillan offers. He has since collaborated with Macmillan to develop Game Heroes, a national 24-hour gaming challenge.

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