The Vicky Clement-Jones Award

For using a personal cancer experience to help others.

About this award

Vicky Clement-Jones was given just three months to live after being diagnosed with inoperable ovarian cancer. In fact, she went on to survive for five years – long enough to establish Cancerbackup in 1985 and ensure its success. Macmillan and Cancerbackup merged in 2008 to provide the best cancer information for everyone.

The Vicky Clement-Jones Award is for an individual or group that:

  • uses their own cancer experiences to influence others
  • applies insight from their own cancer experiences to improve the lives of other people affected by cancer
  • demonstrates the impact that their role makes to other people affected by cancer.

Brighton Head and Neck Buddies, 2019 UK winner

The Macmillan Head and Neck Buddy service started in 2015. It provides support for people living with head and neck cancer at the Sussex Cancer Centre.

Drawing on their experiences of living with and caring for people with head and neck cancer, volunteers provide a listening ear, information about local services and reassurance.

The service has received lots of positive feedback and thanks. ‘When my partner Allan was diagnosed with neck cancer, it was a comfort to talk to a ‘Buddy’ who knew first-hand what we were facing and gave us such wonderful support,’ says a person who used the service.

The Buddies are accepted and trusted by medical staff, who see the big impact of the service and how much support it provides for their patients.

The Buddies are also active fundraisers, with many walking the South Coast Mighty Hike and holding Coffee Mornings to raise funds for people living with cancer.

For any further queries, please contact our Volunteering team at or on 020 7091 2297.