The Vicky Clement-Jones Award

For using a personal cancer experience to help others.

About this award

Vicky Clement-Jones was given just three months to live after being diagnosed with inoperable ovarian cancer. In fact, she went on to survive for five years – long enough to establish Cancerbackup in 1985 and ensure its success. Macmillan and Cancerbackup merged in 2008 to provide the best cancer information for everyone.

The Vicky Clement-Jones Award is for an individual or group that: 

  • uses their own cancer experiences to influence others
  • applies insight from their own cancer experiences to improve the lives of other people affected by cancer
  • demonstrates the impact that their role makes to other people affected by cancer.

Keith Burton, 2018 UK winner

Following losing his wife to cancer, Keith decided to do a sponsored walk through the North Yorkshire moors for Macmillan – the same route that he and his wife used to enjoy. 

Keith has since completed that same 200-mile trek every year for 15 years, raising more than £6,000, whilst still leading Macmillan’s Stafford Committee. 

He’s also keen to help local people with cancer and, from attending hospital appointments with people to writing benefits applications on their behalf, he’s a constant source of support. With his gentle manner and his steely determination, Keith has made an enormous difference to so many people in Stafford and beyond.

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