The Deborah Hutton Award

for supporting people affected by cancer

About this award

Deborah Hutton wrote ‘What can I do to help?’ a book published by Macmillan that offers 75 practical ways family and friends can help a loved one through cancer. Sadly, Deborah passed away from lung cancer in 2005. Created in her memory, The Deborah Hutton award celebrates individuals who:

  • provide one-to-one support, offer a listening ear, give advice and support to people affected by cancer
  • show care and compassion for people affected by cancer
  • demonstrate empathy in their volunteer role 
  • are there for people at a time of need, whether it is just one person that they make a significant difference to, or many people affected by cancer.

Nina Cristinacce, 2017 UK winner
The compassionate helper going the extra mile

Nina has drawn on her own experience of cancer – and that of her parents – to help others living with cancer. She became a volunteer for Macmillan Community Helpers Bangor in 2013, and has since provided invaluable support to six people with cancer, and their families. Whether offering practical help with housework, much-needed companionship, or in her role as a Cancer Voice for Macmillan, Nina always goes above and beyond for the people she supports. Her compassion shines through in everything she does.

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