Building your support team

How to maximise your networks, whether through family, friends or colleagues, to help your event succeed.

Work with your community whether it’s your football team, your Facebook friends, or your work mates. Success is easier when everyone does their bit. You’ll find that people want to help. Inspired by your lead, everyone can play to their strengths, whether they help organise, put up posters, secure auction prizes or simply make a donation to your cause.

Keep everyone interested

Promote your fundraising activity in local newspapers and on radio stations - they always need interesting and inspiring stories (which yours is). You can download our press release templates.

Create a Facebook event and keep your friends on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram updated on your progress. Send e-invites to your contacts – and always include a link to your JustGiving page.

Take full advantage of be.Macmillan to make posters and flyers. By putting your posters up on noticeboards in local shops, cafes and in your community, you can really make an impact. Spreading the word about your event means more people can support you in your amazing fundraising efforts.