The Great Scavenger Challenge

Looking to find some fun and bring everyone together to support Macmillan?

Your search is over (well, actually you’ll be doing a bit more ‘searching’!). The Great Scavenger Challenge takes you out and about and tests your exploring, finding and spotting skills to the limit!

Register your Great Scavenger Challenge with us today to get all the support you need for scavenging success!

Scavenger hunts of all sizes

However big or small, organising a Great Scavenger Challenge is a fantastic way to bring together your family, friends, colleagues or community. Make the challenge your own: hold it virtually, in your own home, on your street, in your local area, across the country or wherever the challenge takes you!

Use our ready-to-go scavenger challenge

Eager to get hunting and want to keep things simple? We’ve got a challenge that’s ready to go and great for all ages. Our ready-to-go Great Scavenger Challenge sheet can be printed out or shared on smartphones before you send everyone off to find the items.

Your unique challenge

Making your own DIY scavenger hunt is as easy too - we provide the templates you need and lots of ideas to make the challenge unique to you. You can tailor it to your local area, add in riddles, games or even physical challenges suitable for your participants.

Make a day of it

If it’s okay to do so, why not hold a celebration at the end of the challenge for all your weary and triumphant scavengers? You could organise a socially distant picnic or BBQ, and even hold other safe fundraising activities as well like a raffle.

A pen

Register your event

Whether you register online by clicking above, or over the phone by calling 0300 1000 200, you’ll be making sure you get all the support we can offer.


Challenge resources

Get your Great Scavenger Challenge resources. We’ve got lots of templates and other materials for you to customise on our be.Macmillan site.

Download our organiser’s pack for everything you need to plan your scavenger challenge event: