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Give something up for Macmillan

Take on the personal challenge of giving up something for a period of time to help support people living with cancer.

These fundraising ideas are all about being a quitter. Why not give something up for a period of time to help support people living with cancer?

Choose what you're giving up

The first step is to choose what you’re going to give up and how long you're giving it up for. Think about what would be the hardest habit or treat for you to give up – this will encourage your friends and family to support you, as they know how tough it will be for you to give up something you really enjoy! Some popular ideas include giving up:

  • chocolates or sweets: this will be a tough one for anyone with a sweet tooth
  • coffee from coffee shops: stop yourself from grabbing your daily morning treat for a month or even a year. You could even donate the amount you would have spent on hot drinks to Macmillan
  • alcohol: a popular one in January or October
  • buying new clothes: for the shopaholics out there
  • social media: can you resist posting your latest photos on Instagram, or Tweeting about what you're up to?
  • taking the bus home: run, walk or cycle instead – whatever the weather!

Set up your fundraising page

Create an online fundraising page for your giving up challenge. This makes it easy to collect sponsorship money and it helps keep people interested in what you're doing. Online giving pages automatically collect Gift Aid from people who are able to donate it. This helps to boost your fundraising total without any extra effort needed from you.

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Share updates on your giving up challenge

Use social media or your online giving page

Post regular updates on your social media channels or online giving page to let friends and family know how your challenge is going. Share funny stories about how you almost caved, but showed great strength and didn’t crack. You could also share tips and tricks about how you’ve been able to resist so far, such as having some fruit instead of chocolate.

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Mark your milestones

When you reach each week or month without the thing you’ve given up, take a moment to celebrate the strength of your willpower and your fundraising achievements so far!

Keep yourself safe

We advise anyone who is trying to give up something they are dependent on to speak with their GP before committing to this fundraising idea.

For more information on how to take on your challenge safely, please read our latest guidance on keeping fundraising events safe and legal.