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365 day challenges for Macmillan

Taking on a year-long challenge is an opportunity to do something completely unique for Macmillan.

Taking on a 365 day personal challenge is a demanding but highly rewarding way to raise valuable funds for our vital services. By committing to a year-long challenge and asking for support from friends, family and colleagues, you’ll have a huge impact on the lives of people living with cancer. It will definitely be a year to remember!

Choose your 365 day challenge

The first thing you'll need to do is choose the kind of challenge you want to take on. Take a look at a few ideas that might inspire you. Whatever you choose, we’ll be there to support you each step of the way on your epic year-long event. You could:

  • walk 10,000 steps every day
  • give up chocolate or a favourite treat – see other ideas of things you could give up for a year
  • grow a beard – no shaves for a whole year...ready, steady, grow!
  • dress up as a different film character every day
  • wear a different hat every day (whatever the weather)
  • take on a number of different challenges spread across each month of the year, or take on 21 challenges for 2021. These could range from physical challenges to personal goals. For example, you could complete an abseil, or do a 10,000 piece puzzle. Your friends and family could even suggest challenges for you to complete before the end of the year.

Think about involving others with your challenge. Does this have to be a solo feat, or could others get involved too? You may find that people you know are willing to do your sponsored event with you. Alternatively, they could support in other ways, such as helping with publicity, sourcing raffle prizes, filming your efforts for a video, or writing a blog about what you're doing.

Choose your starting date

Pick a date far enough ahead that gives you plenty of time to figure out all the details and logistics of your challenge. It could be at the start of a new year, on a special or memorable date, or even on your birthday.

Set your 365 day fundraising target

Set up a JustGiving page to collect donations and share your chosen fundraising target. This is great motivation for you and your team of supporters, and also encourages them to give a little more as you edge closer to your goal. 

An online giving page is an easy way for your friends and family to support your year-long challenge, and is easily shareable with your wider network (plus these donations are eligible for Gift Aid, which is automatically collected by platforms like JustGiving).

Keep people interested throughout the year

Post regular updates

Use social media to tap into your network and a community of people already interested in what you're doing (fashion, music, or keep-fit groups, for example). Sharing updates on your social media and JustGiving page also keeps your friends, family, and colleagues interested in whatever amazing thing you've decided to do for a whole year.

Audience participation

Give friends and family the chance to suggest aspects of your challenge. For example, if you are learning a new dance routine every day, ask people to suggest dance moves for you to learn or songs to dance to! If you're wearing a different hat every day or dressing up as a different character, ask for suggestions in exchange for donations.

Maximise your fundraising

Plan a sweepstake

Think about how a sweepstake could be themed around your 365 day challenge. It's an easy way to re-engage supporters with your challenge a few months in, and gives your fundraising an extra boost.

Offer prizes

Are there any low value items/experiences you can source for a short term flash fundraiser? For example, everyone who donates on a specific day could be entered into a draw to win a prize.

Keep it safe and legal

Depending on your challenge, you may need to consider any health and safety risks for yourself and anyone else involved in your challenge. Find out more about how to keep your event safe and legal.