Multidisciplinary team (MDT) for lung cancer

A team of health professionals will work with you to plan the treatment that is best for your situation.

In most hospitals, a team of specialists will plan the treatment they think is best for your situation. This multi-disciplinary team (MDT) will include:

  • a surgeon, who specialises in lung cancer
  • an oncologist (a cancer doctor), who specialises in radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapies
  • a doctor, who is an expert in chest and breathing conditions
  • a specialist nurse
  • radiologists, who analyse x-rays and scans
  • pathologists, who advise on the type and extent of the cancer.

The team may also include other healthcare professionals, such as:

  • a palliative care doctor or nurse, who specialises in symptom control
  • a dietitian
  • a physiotherapist
  • an occupational therapist (OT)
  • a psychologist or counsellor.

After the MDT meeting, your doctor and specialist nurse will talk to you about the best treatment plan for your situation. They will explain the benefits and disadvantages of different treatments.

Treatment can also depend on how much your health affects you being able to do day-to-day things. Your doctor or nurse may ask:

  • how active you are
  • if you need help to look after yourself.

These things can affect how well some treatments might work for you.

Doctors want to make sure you get the most effective treatment. But they also have to make sure it is right for you and the risks do not outweigh the possible benefits.