Tenesmus is the feeling that you need to go to the toilet but your bowel is empty. You may have this after pelvic radiotherapy or bowel cancer surgery.

What is tenesmus?

Tenesmus is the feeling that you need to go to the toilet but your bowel is empty. It can involve straining, pain and cramping. It can be caused by cramps (spasms) in the muscles that stimulate the bowel.

Tell your doctor or nurse if you have these symptoms.

What causes tenesmus?

Tenesmus can be caused by changes to the rectum after pelvic radiotherapy or surgery for bowel cancer. Sometimes it can be a symptom of another problem like constipation, infection or a non-cancerous growth (a polyp) or cancer in the bowel.

Tenesmus treatment

If you have tenesmus, your doctor will examine your back passage and may arrange for you to have a camera test called a colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy to look at the bowel.

If your symptoms are a late effect of cancer treatment, your doctor may suggest:

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