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We're a big organisation with over 1800 people. Find where your skills would best fit by first getting to know our directorates and the teams within them.

Fundraising, Marketing & Communications


We simply could not do what we do without the generosity of our amazing donors. Our award winning fundraising team help to make sure there are a whole host of ways that people can get involved and support Macmillan. Whether it’s working with one of our fantastic corporate partners, helping to develop our latest mass participation event or raising money in the local community, there’s a range of exciting opportunities.
The teams
We are grouped around the different kinds of supporters that we have since they are at the core of everything that we do.
  • Relationship Fundraising
  • Mass Fundraising
  • Fundraising Innovation
  • Fundraising Marketing & Communications - Planning and Performance

Marketing & Communications

We represent the face and voice of Macmillan. We inspire people to engage with us in long term relationships, working with teams across Macmillan to reach and inspire all of our audiences. We help ensure that everyone who comes to us has a consistent and positive experience – so they want to engage with us again and again. 
The teams
Our teams help build awareness, understanding and engagement with our diverse audiences, using a wide range of activity and communications channels.
  • Brand, Digital and Creative
  • Response Marketing
  • Communications

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I love working at Macmillan because I am part of an amazing team of digital experts who inspire and encourage me to be better every day. I edit and create content that motivates people to get involved with the charity and that's a really great feeling.

Maja, Digital Editor



We support all the people across Macmillan to be the best they can be. We make sure we have the right people in the right roles, with the right infrastructure and resources to deliver their work effectively and achieve our big ambition.
The teams
We split ourselves into specialist teams to support the organisation effectively. These are: 
  • Human Resources
  • Volunteering
  • Facilities

My role is varied, challenging and allows me to be creative. I’m always looking for innovative ways to improve the experience that people have when they volunteer with Macmillan. I feel very lucky that I get to work as part of a team of volunteer management experts.

Megan, Volunteer Engagement Officer



We use technology to create a positive impact on the lives of people affected by cancer. We run Macmillan’s internal systems, develop and support its websites and applications, and work with trusted and credible technology partners – all to help the organisation produce innovative and effective solutions that improve lives.
The teams
We split ourselves into specialist teams to support the organisation effectively. These are: 
  • Digital Operations
  • Strategy & Engagement
  • Architecture
  • Customer Solutions Delivery
  • Corporate Systems Delivery
  • IT Transformation
  • IT Operations and Governance

So many people depend on our online services that ensuring these run smoothly gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I work collaboratively at Macmillan to enable this.

Eleanor, Digital Project Manager


Policy & Impact

We work to plan and improve Macmillan's influencing and policy strategy. We lead on the development and mobilisation of Macmillan professionals and the wider workforce, ensuring all Macmillan services for people affected by cancer are high quality and deliver the greatest impact. All activity within the directorate is driven through insight and evidence.
The teams
We split ourselves into specialist teams to support the organisation effectively. These are: 
  • Cancer Services Innovation
  • Service Excellence and Support
  • Policy, Public Affairs and Campaigns
  • Evidence

My very first day was a great indicator of what a fab organisation Macmillan is for learning and development – I participated in a skill-sharing session, where colleagues shared their experiences of influencing parliamentary bills.

Rosie, Senior Campaigns Officer


Strategy and Performance

We are responsible for understanding Macmillan’s role and developing our organisational strategy, and seeing that it gets implemented with the greatest degree of success. We ensure our resources are used in the best way, and we monitor organisational performance against strategy on an ongoing basis.
The teams
We split ourselves into specialist teams to support the organisation effectively. These are: 
  • Programme Management Office
  • Strategy and Experience
  • Evidence and Insight
  • Planning and Performance

I was working on a project for services and the first phase of the project had just finished when I realised that my work was going to help unlock resources for patients. Macmillan gave me the chance to use my skills to help an amazing cause. Professionally, it doesn't get better than that.

Diana, Insight Analyst


Finance, Legal & Audit

The Finance, Legal & Audit directorate is comprised of our Finance, Legal and Governance and Audit functions. The teams play a central operational role delivering a high level of support to staff ensuring the smooth running of Macmillan as well as providing a strong focus on good governance, process improvement and achieving value for money.
The teams
We split ourselves into specialist teams to support the organisation effectively. These are: 
  • Finance
  • Legal & Governance
  • Risk & Assurance

Knowing that everything I do, even indirectly, can help someone affected by cancer is so rewarding. Macmillan is a great place to work and I've made many friends working here.

Tara, Expenditure Officer


Cancer Support Operations

We are the directorate that delivers a wide range of services across the UK to people affected by cancer. We do this by working with our partners (including the NHS) to develop new or improve existing services, such as cancer care units, new cancer nurses, or innovations in the whole healthcare system. 
We also deliver services directly to people affected by cancer - for example through the Macmillan Support Line and mobile information units - offering a wide range of information, clinical and financial support for those who need us. We therefore offer lots of exciting opportunities and development for staff who join us.
The teams
Our services through partners are delivered in nine geographic areas. The split between England and Celtic Nations as below is simply to recognise the differences in the healthcare systems of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • Direct Services
  • Celtic Nations
  • England

It is extremely rewarding and humbling to know that our listening ear and support can help to make someone feel a little bit better.

Kalvinder, Information & Support Officer


We are social

At Macmillan we understand that more people than ever choose social media as their primary way of interacting with brands, and other people. The Social Media team manages Macmillan’s presence on a number of social platforms. 

We use social to promote events, celebrate fundraisers, report on our work, and to provide advice on future strategy. On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and wherever else communities are talking, we're there.

  • Facebook – Over 675,000 followers reaching more and more people every week.
  • Twitter -  Over 658,000 followers, from influencing and campaigning, to cake emojis and GIFs.
  • Instagram - Over 46,900 followers and growing daily. If there's a dog in a Macmillan T-shirt you'll find it here.
  • Youtube - An array of videos from personal experiences to summer fundraising ideas.
  • Snapchat - Add us by searching 'macmillancancer' in the mobile app.
  • LinkedIn – We have a number of groups on LinkedIn. Why not see how you're connected?
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Our behaviours

The work we do is varied and different jobs require different skills, but at Macmillan, whatever your role, your work will revolve around our behaviours.

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What we do for you

We think it's important to look after and invest in our people, it means we attract the best people for the job. Find out what we can offer you in exchange for your skills and dedication.

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