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At Macmillan, we will do whatever it takes to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can. If you too are passionate about supporting people with cancer, read on to find out more about our teams and directorates.

Advocacy and Communications

The Advocacy and Communications directorate are responsible for telling Macmillan's story and giving people living with cancer a voice. We do this externally, speaking to the public and to decision-makers, and internally by leading work to engage all our staff and stakeholder audiences.

We are made up of the Advocacy division, including Policy, Campaigns, Public Affairs and devolved/regional Advocacy teams, as well as the Communications division, including our national and regional Media, PR and External Comms, and Strategic Communications and Engagement teams.

Our Advocacy teams work across the whole of the UK to achieve positive changes for people living with cancer through policy analysis and development, political influencing and activism with people living with cancer.

The Communications teams work across many channels both externally and internally to tell Macmillan's story, to raise awareness, inspire and inform our different audiences.

All the teams in the directorate play a key role in shaping and managing risks for Macmillan's identity and reputation.

My favourite thing about working in Advocacy is the regular, meaningful engagement with people affected by cancer. The team is always making sure that our influencing work really resonates with the people who are affected most by the issues that we are lobbying to change.

Ishani, Campaigns Adviser


Cancer Support Operations

The Cancer Support Operations directorate delivers services directly and through our partners, including the NHS, to people living with cancer across the UK. Our direct services include the Macmillan Support Line, Online Community and our Cancer Information. We also fund, build and maintain relationships with health and social care professionals and partner organisations across the UK.

We want to make sure the services we provide are sustainable, integrated and relevant in an evolving world and the work of this directorate enables us to do that by gathering insight and data from across the UK.

This insight is used to develop and introduce new services, improve existing ones, as well as providing evidence as to why these changes will work, including evidence from people affected by cancer working with Macmillan.  

We also deliver a professional development offer to Macmillan professionals, the wider cancer workforce and employers to enable them to deliver quality of support to people living with cancer.

The UK Partnerships team are made up of central and regionally based teams across the UK. We also have planning, performance and operational support teams within CSO who help make sure our services run as smoothly and efficiently as they can.

It is extremely rewarding and humbling to know that our listening ear and support can help to make someone feel a little bit better.

Kalvinder, Information & Support Officer


Finance, Legal & Audit

The Finance, Legal and Audit directorate is responsible for making sure Macmillan spends its money in the best way, monitors and manages risk and compliance, sets the governance framework for decision making, provides assurance to the Executive Strategy Team and the Board of Trustees and provides a safe workplace for colleagues.

The directorate is made up of our Finance, Information Governance, Internal Audit, Legal, Procurement and Category Management, Risk, Governance and Compliance, and Workplace functions. 

FLA works closely with teams from across the organisation to ensure that Macmillan can achieve and deliver what we say we will for people living with and affected by cancer.

Knowing that everything I do, even indirectly, can help someone affected by cancer is so rewarding. Macmillan is a great place to work and I've made many friends working here.

Tara, Expenditure Officer


Fundraising, Marketing & Innovation

The Fundraising, Marketing and Innovation directorate is responsible for a diverse range of activities.

Starting with fundraising - we are all about inspiring individuals and companies to support Macmillan financially and ensure they have the very best of experiences when they do. We run events, lotteries and raffles, put on campaigns, build partnerships, support people in their local community, encourage people to leave us a legacy and build relationships with high net worth individuals.

As a charity Macmillan relies on supporters for 98% of our income. Without our supporters, we couldn't provide any of our services for people with cancer.

Cancer Support Marketing is a huge part of what we are here to do, we want everyone to know how we can support them, and how to access our services when and if they need to. We aim to make sure those who will benefit find the right service as quickly as possible and are constantly assessing how we can be there for more people from the point of diagnosis.

We are the keepers of the Macmillan brand, everyone at Macmillan is our brand, but this team is responsible for building our strategy, delivering our marketing campaigns and keeping Macmillan front of mind for customers and supporters and building relevance so everyone feels a connection to what we do.

Finally, our innovation team deliver a full range of innovation for Macmillan across fundraising and cancer support delivery. Making sure that our customers and supporters have what they need (and what they don't know they need!) at the right time and we are able to maximise impact for people living with cancer across all our activities.

The six divisions in Fundraising, Marketing and Innovation are Brand and Marketing, Legacies and Operational Delivery, Commercial Partnerships and Innovation, Corporate Partnerships and Philanthropy, Relationship Fundraising, Strategic Marketing Planning and Customer.

Working in innovation is as much about collaboration and learning from existing ideas as it is in developing new ones. The culture of Macmillan to share ideas and information only makes our services and partnerships stronger.

Tom, Innovation Partnership Coordinator



The People directorate supports employees and volunteers to be the best they can be. We make sure we have the right people in the right roles, with the right infrastructure and resources to deliver their work effectively and achieve our big ambition.  

We want Macmillan to be recognised as a place where all employees and volunteers are supported, engaged and inspired to deliver their best for people living with cancer.  

We split ourselves into specialist departments to support the organisation effectively - Human Resources and Volunteering

My role is varied, challenging and allows me to be creative. I’m always looking for innovative ways to improve the experience that people have when they volunteer with Macmillan. I feel very lucky that I get to work as part of a team of volunteer management experts.

Megan, Volunteer Engagement Officer


Strategy and Performance

Strategy and Performance has responsibility for understanding Macmillan's role for people living with cancer and developing and implementing our organisational strategy at the highest level.

The directorate is made up of our Insight and Performance, Strategy Development and Strategy Delivery teams.

We ensure that our resources are deployed in the best way and monitor organisational performance against strategy to develop this on an ongoing basis.

I was working on a project for services and the first phase of the project had just finished when I realised that my work was going to help unlock resources for patients. Macmillan gave me the chance to use my skills to help an amazing cause. Professionally, it doesn't get better than that.

Diana, Insight Analyst



Our Technology directorate enables us to create a positive impact on the lives of people affected by cancer by helping us increase the reach and depth of our Macmillan services and fundraising products through the use of technology.

This includes the running of Macmillan's website, advising or creating new applications, and managing our internal systems to enable us to work effectively across the organisation. We also provide services for our employees such as the IT Service Desk.

We want to be a trusted and credible technology partner, driving the organisation forward through innovative and effective technology solutions.

I love working at Macmillan because I am part of an amazing team of digital experts who inspire and encourage me to be better every day. I edit and create content that motivates people to get involved with the charity and that's a really great feeling.

Maja, Senior Digital Editor


Chief Executive’s Office

This team is led by our Chief Executive, Chief Medical Officer and Chief of Staff. The roles that sit within the Chief Executive Office are made up of our team of clinical experts and advisors, as well as our employee forum, Our Voice. They work closely with Macmillan's Chief Executive to ensure the right decisions are made for both people living with cancer and Macmillan's employees.

It’s incredible to be working in the CE Office with our CEO who directly impacts the lives of people living with cancer through her interactions. She is the lynchpin to affecting change and it gives me the opportunity to work with our amazing colleagues who are all here for the same cause, to make life better for those affected by cancer.

Traci, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive


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