How we fund Macmillan health and social care professionals

About our amazing professionals

Today, there are almost 12000 Macmillan nurses, doctors and other health and social care professionals working in the UK. They are employed and managed by our partners, including the NHS, local authorities and other charities.

Working with partners means we can reach even more people living with cancer, to give them the best quality care and support we can. As a charity, we rely entirely on donations from our generous supporters. We can make our funds work harder, and achieve much more, through our partnerships than we can alone.

We fund new Macmillan professionals for a fixed period. After this time, the partner organisation takes over the funding of their salary. Macmillan continues to provide ongoing professional development and support. Funding Macmillan professionals in this way means we can support more professionals into more roles, in a sustainable way.

You can find out how we raise and spend our money in our annual report and accounts.