Our cancer experts

As an organisation, Macmillan is an expert in cancer. From Macmillan nurses to the Macmillan Support Line services, we have cancer experts to support you no matter what your situation.

Who are our cancer experts?

We have cancer specialists across the whole organisation who bring their expertise to a broad range of roles. These include clinical and creative teams, who give people living with or affected by cancer the support they need, when they need it most. These are some of the Macmillan cancer experts doing whatever it takes for people living with cancer.

Macmillan nurses

Macmillan nurses are specialists in cancer care. They work in the community, as well as in hospitals and hospices. Macmillan nurses can support you through your cancer experience, and help you understand your cancer diagnosis and treatment options.

Find out more about Macmillan nurses.

Macmillan Support Line teams

The Macmillan Support Line has cancer experts available to speak to you 7 days a week, 8am-8pm. Our cancer experts include cancer information nurse specialists, and specialists who can help in a range of areas including emotional support, financial support, work guidance and practical information.

You can:

Find out more about the Macmillan Support Line, including information about charges overseas and our translation service.

Cancer Information Development team

High quality information is vital for people affected by cancer. Our cancer experts aim to provide people with the cancer information they need on the topics that most concern them.

We produce information on cancer types, tests and treatments, and information that supports people affected by cancer, with the practical impacts of cancer diagnosis on their work, finances and relationships.

You can browse the web pages in our cancer information and support section. You can also use our personal guide to get information tailored to your situation. Most of the information on our website is also available in printed booklets and leaflets. You can order these free of charge from be.Macmillan.

Find out more about how we produce our information.

Macmillan healthcare professionals

Our Macmillan Professionals go above and beyond to do whatever it takes to support people living with cancer. Macmillan directly employs some of these professionals, and supports and trains others, like GPs.

Macmillan healthcare professionals include:

  • Macmillan Nursing Professionals
  • Macmillan Allied Health Professional (AHPs), like our Boots Macmillan Information Pharmacists 
  • Macmillan GPs
  • Macmillan Information Professionals
  • Macmillan Support Workers

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