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How to Volunteer at Macmillan

Interested in volunteering for Macmillan? It’s easy to get involved – just follow our three steps. Or, if you have questions about volunteering, read our frequently asked questions.

How do I volunteer?

The number one.

Find a role

The number two.


The number three.

Get training and support

Different ways to volunteer

We offer many different ways for you to volunteer at Macmillan. Discover some of our volunteers roles below.

Become a Macmillan Buddy

As a Macmillan Buddy, you can make a real difference to people living with cancer. You'll offer them weekly support and be there for them at the hardest time of their life.
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A group of volunteers are cheering at the London Marathon. The volunteers are at a cheer point. Some are holding long Macmillan branded cheer balloons. One volunteer has a green megaphone.

Become a Fundraising Volunteer

Fundraising Volunteers help Macmillan with many of our fundraising volunteer activities - like running a collection bucket, cheering on fundraisers at events, or spreading awareness of our work.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our frequently asked questions below.
  • What will I need to provide when applying to or accepting a volunteer role?
  • I can’t find a suitable role. Am I still able to help? 
  • Can I claim expenses?
  • I have had a cancer experience and would like to volunteer. How long should I wait?
  • My company encourages me to volunteer. Can you help?
  • What if I have a criminal record?
  • How can I prove I'm a volunteer if someone asks?

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