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When you give your time to Macmillan, we are truly grateful and we believe it’s important to make sure that you’re not out-of-pocket for doing so. This page contains all the essentials for understanding volunteer expenses.

What are volunteer expenses?

A volunteer expense is a cost you incur when giving your time to Macmillan, such as lunch, travel or car parking. Macmillan reimburses reasonable out-of-pocket expenses in line with our Expenses Policy – your Volunteer Manager can guide you as to what you can usually claim for in your role, and any limits as to how much you can claim.

How can I claim volunteer expenses?

Once in your role, your Volunteer Manager will set you up on our online expense system, Concur. Please make sure you keep hold of all your tickets and receipts as you will need to upload photos of these to reclaim your money. If you find it easier to use your smartphone, you can take photos on the go, but if you don't, that's not a problem, it’s really simple and we’re more than happy to guide you through getting set up.

Get started with these four simple steps

The number one.

Log into Concur

The number two.

Set up your account

The number three.

Make an expense claim

The number four.

We process your claim

What's in place for volunteers who can't claim expenses through Concur?

We know that there will be some exceptions to the rule with our expenses process – for example, some volunteers don’t have access to a bank account or the internet, or can’t afford to pay for their travel expenses upfront and then claim the funds back.

Where exceptions apply, we will find suitable arrangements to make sure that no one is out of pocket and to ensure that money is not a barrier to anyone getting involved in volunteering with Macmillan. Please speak to your Macmillan Volunteer Manager if this applies to you.

For any specific queries about using Concur, contact expenses@macmillan.org.uk. If you have any other expenses questions that are not related to the Concur system, such as what is reasonable for you to claim in your role, please speak to your Volunteer Manager.