A group of volunteers are cheering at the London Marathon. The volunteers are at a cheer point. Some are holding long Macmillan branded cheer balloons. One volunteer has a green megaphone.

Fundraising volunteering

Whether it's running a bucket collection or cheering on at an event, you can help make a huge impact in the lives of people living with cancer by becoming a Fundraising Volunteer at Macmillan.

What is a fundraising volunteer?

A collage that features 3 photos of Macmillan fundraising volunteers. The photo on the left is of a person putting a Macmillan postcard in a door's letterbox. The middle show 2 people volunteering at a bucket collection in a store. The photo on the right shows a volunteer at an event putting a medal on an event participant.

Everything we do at Macmillan we do to help people living with cancer to live life as fully as they can. We simply couldn't do this without the support of our fantastic fundraising volunteers who help raise funds to support our vital work.

Donations make up 98% of our annual income and enable us to provide the physical, emotional and financial support that people with cancer need. Whether you’re helping at a collection, cheering on our brilliant fundraisers at an event, or supporting promotions in your community, your time and enthusiasm makes the world of difference.

As a fundraising volunteer, you could be:

  • helping at water stations or handing out medals at running events or events like our Macmillan Mighty Hikes
  • fundraising with a bucket collection in a town centre, theatre, concert, football match, music festival or in a local store
  • promoting Macmillan locally or online by delivering flyers and posters, or posting on social media
  • cheering on runners or cyclists at events across the UK, from the Edinburgh Marathon to the Great South Run.

Watch the videos below to discover what it's like to help at a bucket collection and volunteer at a cheer point for Macmillan.

Raising funds for Macmillan with a bucket collection

Volunteering at a cheer point

Volunteer your way

Two volunteers are taking a break whilst volunteering at an event. The person on the left is wearing a hat, a jacket, high vis vest, and is eating from a packet of crisps. The person on the right is wearing a hat, scarf, high vis jacket, and is eating a baguette.

Event Support Volunteer

A man is holding a dog and a Macmillan collection bucket in the street. The man is wearing a hat and long coat. Behind people are walking down the street.

Action Team Member

Become a Fundraising Volunteer

Stories from our volunteers

Two volunteers are collecting funds for Macmillan in a shop. The volunteer on the left is holding a collection bucket. They are wearing a green Macmillan top and sash. The volunteer on the right is wearing a green Macmillan top and is holding a small collection bucket.

Keiji, Macmillan volunteer

Brian is standing outside on what appears to be a field of grass. Brian is wearing a green outfit that includes a green shirt with the Macmillan logo on it, a green tie, and green trousers.

Brian, Macmillan volunteer