Having breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is surgery to make a new breast shape after an operation to remove the breast (mastectomy). It will help to know how to prepare for surgery, and what to expect when you're recovering.

  • What is breast reconstruction?

    You can usually have breast reconstruction to make a new breast shape at the same time as mastectomy or later.

  • Talking to your surgeon

    Your reconstruction surgeon will explain what types of operation can be done and answer any questions you have.

  • Making your decision

    An important part of making your decision about breast reconstruction is having realistic expectations about the result.

  • Your feelings

    Breast reconstruction surgery can cause many different emotions. It can take time to adjust to your new breast(s).

  • Possible complications with breast reconstruction

    If you have any problems after breast reconstruction surgery, contact your breast care nurse or surgeon for advice.

  • After breast reconstructive surgery

    The nurses will help you to recover after surgery and give you advice on what to do when you go home.