Work and cancer

If you run a small business

Supporting an employee affected by cancer can be tough, especially when you run a small business. You may be worried about how it will impact your team and day-to-day running of the business. Find out about your legal responsibilities as well as ways of supporting your employees through their cancer or bereavement.

How can I talk about cancer with employees?

Hear advice from HR professionals on how to talk to people with cancer. Also hear how people told colleagues about their diagnosis.

Talking about cancer at work >

How can I find out more information about cancer?

A cancer doctor explains how cancer develops, how it can be treated, and what might happen.

How cancer affects people >

What impact will cancer have on my business?

Find out how a small company should deal with the financial implications of an employee with a cancer diagnosis.

Financial support for your employee >

What are my legal responsibilities?

Find out how two employers made temporary changes to their employees' work duties to help them remain in work during treatment for cancer.

Legal rights about work and cancer >

How can I help with bereavement?

Hear how two managers handled the death of their colleagues, the impact it had on their teams, and advice from a bereavement counsellor.

Supporting employees at the end of life >

What support can I give to carers?

Watch real examples of how people were supported by their employers when they were looking after someone with cancer.

Supporting carers at work >