Low immunity

Some types of cancer are more likely to occur in people who have poor immunity.

People with a lower immunity may have:

  • had an organ transplant and are taking drugs to suppress their immune system to prevent the organ being rejected by the body
  • reduced immunity because of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)
  • rare medical syndromes that reduce immunity.

People with poor immunity are more likely to develop lymphomas and certain types of skin cancer (particularly non-melanomas). They are also more at risk of cancers that are influenced by a virus or bacteria, such as cancers of cervix, some anal and genital cancers, and some cancers of the stomach and liver.

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Viruses and bacteria

You cannot catch cancer from someone else. But some viruses may increase your risk of developing cancer.

Human papilloma virus (HPV)

Human papilloma virus (or HPV) is a common infection. Some types of HPV can increase the risk of developing cancer.

HPV vaccines

There are two vaccines currently available across the UK to prevent human papilloma virus (HPV).