I'm looking after someone with cancer

If you are looking after a loved one with cancer, Macmillan is here for you. You may feel like you're just doing your bit, but the help you provide is so important. We understand how this can sometimes affect you physically, emotionally and financially. You're likely to need support too and we are here to help.

You could start with this information

Carer’s Allowance

If you are caring for someone with cancer, you may be able to get financial help.

Your rights at work as a carer

It is important to be aware of your legal rights in the workplace. Your human resources department may be able to help you.

More information to help you

  • Find what's available near you

    What's going on near you? Find out about support groups, where to get information and how to get involved with Macmillan where you live.

  • Practical information and support

    We have lots of practical advice to help you. Including information about helping with personal care, planning ahead, organising care and equipment, and who can give you support

  • Coping with your emotions

    Looking after someone you care about can be hard. It can be an overwhelming experience and you may be going through a range of emotions. We have support and advice to help you cope.

  • Organising your finances

    Whether you are providing transport, picking up extra shopping or paying bills, your finances could be affected. You may also be working less of may have stopped working. Financial help may be available, including certain benefits.

  • Working while caring

    If you are feeling the pressure of juggling work and looking after someone with cancer, we can help support you. You have rights at work and there are laws in place to protect you.