Children's cancer

Information about children's cancers, including how they are diagnosed, the treatments involved, possible side effects and how to get support.

  • About children's cancers

    Find out more about cancer in children and young people, including medical terms and possible causes and risk factors.

  • Diagnosing children's cancers

    Find out about the tests your child might have if a doctor thinks they have symptoms that could be cancer.

  • Treatment for children's cancer

    The treatment your child has will depend on the type of cancer. The doctor will talk to you about treatment.

  • Types of children's cancers

    Find out about the different types of cancers that may affect children, including how they are diagnosed and treated.

  • Living with cancer

    Information about the possible effects of cancer on your child, you and the whole family, including how you all may feel.

  • About CCLG

    The Children's Cancer and Leukaema Group (CCLG) supports children with cancer and healthcare professionals who care for them.