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If you work in cancer care, listen to Macmillan’s new podcast where you can hear from expert guests and find out about the latest innovations and best practice.

About the podcast

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The Cancer Professionals Podcast is brought to you by Macmillan's Professional Development and Knowledge team.

In our new podcast series we will be interviewing a range of expert guests, including health and social care professionals, to lift the lid on current issues faced by the cancer workforce.

Expect to hear discussions of clinical practice, personal experiences and practical advice to help improve your knowledge and skills in supporting people affected by cancer.

New episodes will be released on the first Wednesday of each month.

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Podcast episodes

Episode 1 - Diet and nutrition at the end of life

3 January 2024 | 55 minutes

In this episode, we are joined by Natalie Harrison, a Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Dietitian. Natalie shares her knowledge and expertise in diet and nutrition at end of life care. This includes how a person’s nutritional needs may change as they approach end of life, ethical considerations and practical tips on how all professionals working in cancer care can support people with nutrition. 

Read a transcript of this episode about diet and nutrition.

Episode 2 - Making acute oncology everyone's business

7 February 2024 | 35 minutes

In this episode, we’re joined by Dr Verna Lavender, a nurse academic who works at Guy’s and St Thomas’ as Head of Nursing in Research and Education in the Cancer and Surgery Clinical Group, and Donna Munro, Professional Development and Knowledge Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support and registered general nurse. They discuss acute oncology and why it’s important for everyone to know about. They also share the education and training they have developed to educate the workforce on Acute Oncology, including the new acute oncology competence passport..

Read a transcript of this episode about acute oncology.

Episode 3 - Working together towards inclusive cancer care for the LGBTIQ+ community

6 March 2024 | 44 minutes

Tune in to this enlightening conversation with Stewart O’Callaghan, founder and CEO of OUTpatients, the UK’S only LGBTIQ+ cancer charity. We explore some of the challenges and barriers in cancer care that are faced by the LGBTIQ+ community, such as the intersection of cancer care, identity and advocacy. Stewart shares personal anecdotes and experiences which highlight the importance of personalised care to create safety and inclusion in healthcare.

We learn from Stewart about the steps we can take to help overcome these barriers, keep up momentum and inspire change.

Read a transcript of this episode about cancer care and the LGBTIQ+ community.

Episode 4 - Confronting racism in cancer care: From awareness to action

3 April 2024 | 54 minutes

Join us for this compelling conversation with Helena Boyce, Anti-Racism and Racial Literacy Educator, business owner, and 3x Breast Cancer Survivor.

Helena candidly shares her personal experience of cancer while shedding light on the issue of racism in cancer care. With poignant examples, she unveils the disparities faced by people of colour in accessing equitable healthcare. Helena inspires actionable steps toward fostering a more inclusive and compassionate environment in cancer care, where every patient receives the personalised support the need.

Read a transcript of this episode about confronting racism in cancer care.

Episode 5 - The weight of empathy: Understanding vicarious trauma in cancer care (Part 1)

1 May 2024 | 53 minutes

In this episode, we explore the widespread but often unrecognised issue of vicarious trauma in cancer care. We are joined by Dr Karen Campbell, President of the UK Oncology Nursing Society and Associate Professor in cancer nursing, and Lisa Nel, practising therapist, clinical supervisor and independent trainer.

Karen and Lisa describe the reality of vicarious trauma, discuss its signs and symptoms, and highlight its impact on health and social care professionals. With a focus on self-care, they share practical strategies for recognising and addressing vicarious trauma within oneself and others.

Read a transcript of the weight of empathy: Understanding vicarious trauma in cancer care (Part 1)

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