Your tools for success

All the practical stuff you need to think about, prepare and plan beforehand.

Key things you may need to consider when starting to plan your event

  • Who will take part?

  • How will you invite them?

  • Who will help you on the day or beforehand?

  • When and where will you hold your event?

  • Check the date doesn’t clash with other big dates

  • Have you set a fundraising target?

  • How will you use your social media to publicise your event?

  • Have you set up your JustGiving page?

  • Have you checked out our ideas to boost your fundraising?

  • How can you promote your event?

  • Have you checked out be.Macmillan for your posters, flyers, and other materials?

  • Are you planning a raffle, serving food or playing music? Make sure that you keep your event safe and legal.

  • How will you collect donations?

  • Do you need collection boxes or will you make your own?

  • Do you need help with counting or paying in your donations?

  • Have you made a timetable for what need to do when?

Make a noise

You’ll need to publicise your event. We’ve got lots of posters and other materials for you to customise on our be.Macmillan site. You’re sure to find something that works for you.

Make a call

Get in touch with us to make sure we give you the support you need. Register your event with us here or call our friendly fundraising support team on 0300 1000 200. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help (lines open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm).