The MacmillanAnnual Ball


The Macmillan Annual Ball

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In 2017 the Macmillan Annual Ball and Celebrity Christmas Stocking Auction will merge to form Macmillan’s biggest new fundraising event.

Join us on Wednesday 29 November for Macmillan’s Winter Gala! This brand new event will be bigger and better than ever before taking the best bits from The Annual Ball and Macmillan’s Celebrity Christmas Stocking Auction.

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported Macmillan at the Annual Ball, we are thrilled to announce that with your support Macmillan were able to raise the most amount of money ever in 2016. An astounding £315,000 was raised taking the total for the last 5 years to over £1 million!

For over 25 years the Annual Ball has continued to grow and raise a substantial amount of money for people affected by cancer. The event has long been established and recognized as one of the leading fundraising events in the sector creating incredible memorable moments for our guests year on year.

The Winter Gala will look to encompass everything about the Annual Ball that has made it so successful for so many years and combine it with the great qualities that has made the Celebrity Christmas Stocking stand out to create an exceptional event. From first class hosts to exquisite dining and contributions from a host of celebrities the first Winter Gala promises to be an event not to be missed.

For 2017 The Winter Gala will focus on supporting Macmillan nurses. Macmillan’s nurses are a valued source of information, advice and support for cancer patients and their families during one of the hardest periods in their life. With 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK and with this expected to grow to 4 million in 2030 it is vital that we put measures in place now to cope the with the growing demand on our services.

Register your interest now for Macmillan’s 2017 Winter Gala by emailing us at

Photographs: Simon/Paparazzi VIP

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The Annual Ball has raised over

£1.1 Million

in the last 5 years

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