Attend a philanthropy event

Our philanthropy events are an opportunity for people who are interested in our services to find out more about current and new ways we help people living with cancer while offering a way for people to support specific projects.

What is a philanthropy event?

Our philanthropy events calendar runs throughout the year and gives you the chance to contribute to our urgent and ongoing projects. You will:

  • learn more about the work we do
  • find out about the different projects you can support
  • connect with like-minded people
  • discover how you can make a difference.

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Register interest for future events

Find out about future philanthropy events by getting in touch.

Past events

Other ways to support events

There are many ways you can support our work. As well as major donations, we are also looking for event committee members and non-financial donations.

Event committee members

Event committee members help us make sure that our philanthropy events are a big success every year. With their passion and expertise for helping people living with cancer, their role includes promoting future events to their networks and organising auction prizes. If you are interested in making sure our events continue to be a success, get in touch.


Non-financial donations

Non-financial gifts, such as hosting an experience or providing us with a space to host an event, means we can spend more money supporting the services people living with cancer use. Non-financial gift donors sometimes donate exclusive items and experiences for auctions, offer a venue for free, or supply food and drink for events. They play a vital role in supporting our philanthropy work.