Summer fundraising ideas

Make the most of the long summer days and raise some money for charity. Below are some of our favourite ways to fundraise in the summer sun.

A: Abandon the car

While the sun is shining why not leave the car at home. Swap horsepower for walking or cycling power for a week, a fortnight or even a month and ask everyone you know to sponsor you.


Fire up the barbie, invite family and friends, get some burgers, buns, sausages and sauces. Then grab some drinks and ask for a tasty donation for the gorgeous grub.

C: Cycle challenge

Get the Lycra on and pump up those tyres. Cycling is a wonderful way to keep fit during the summer while raising money for Macmillan.

D: Duck race

Rather than the usual summer pastime of feeding the ducks in the park why not race them (plastic ones probably work better than real ones). You'd be quackers to not try this fundraising idea.

E: Expedition

This summer why not raise money and enjoy the trip of a lifetime? From Paris to Petra we're sure there will be a special event for you.

F: Festival

If you’re not setting off to one of the summer’s iconic festivals, why not hold your own and ask attendees for a small donation? Then all that’s left to do is dance like nobody’s watching and sing like nobody’s listening, despite the high probability of people doing both.

G: Garden party

Got a garden? Like parties? You can see where this is going can't you? Choose a theme, set up some games and charge your guests an entrance fee.

H: Host a Coffee Morning

Do your friends or workmates fancy themselves as Master Chefs? Then organise a baking competition at your Coffee Morning.

I: Ice cream day

Fill a cool box with supermarket ice creams and lollies. Sell them to friends or colleagues on a really hot day.

J: Jumble sale

Why not dig those old winter clothes out the back of the wardrobe or any unwanted toys and set up a jumble sale. 

K: Kite day

Transport yourself back to your childhood and host a kite day. Prizes for the biggest and best homemade kites and the best flyer.

Longest Day Golf

What better way to network or get together with your friends or workmates than by taking on the toughest challenge in golf: Macmillan’s Longest Day Golf Challenge? Four heroes. 72 holes. One epic challenge. Complete it and your legend is guaranteed. You could even dress as a superhero if you’re feeling especially heroic.

M: Murder mystery night

Let the ‘whodunit’ be you and put on a murder mystery night and raise money for Macmillan.

N: Netball tournament 

Don your netball bib and take to the court. Charge a participation fee and get friends and family to donate for each goal scored. 

Find out more about hosting your own sport's tournament.

O: Old skool games

Have some retro fun at a vintage-themed games evening. Round up as many old favourites as you can – Snakes and Ladders™, Cluedo™, Scrabble™, Monopoly™, pick-up sticks and anything else you can think of. Then suggest a donation to play – Monopoly money doesn’t count.

P: Pimm’s O’ Clock

Set up your own Club Tropicana in your office or at home, mix up some Pimm's or tasty cocktails and sell them to your colleagues. You can even start a conga if you’d like. Wine O’clock also works.

Q: Quit…

Quitting doesn't always mean failure. This summer get people to sponsor you to give something up for a couple of months, or if it's really unhealthy, for good.

R: Raffle

It’s all about the prizes when it comes to creating interest in a raffle. A holiday to Ibiza, a Ferrari, and tickets for an England football match are all great prizes but they needn't be that extravagant. Call our fundraising team for ideas on getting prizes, and advice on keeping your raffle on the right side of the law.

S: Swim

Whether you go it alone or sign up to a Macmillan event, swimming is a brilliant way to keep fit and healthy while raising money.

T: Triathlon

Why choose between cycling, swimming and running when you can do all three? Or you can enter as a team and tackle the course together. First timer or seasoned pro, there’s an event for you this summer.

U: Ultimate frisbee

All you need is a frisbee, a massive field and some mates to form teams. Charge participants and spectators an entrance fee and watch the money fly in.

V: Virtual challenge

Too hot to go outside? Get sponsored to swim the English Channel in your local pool or cycle America’s Route 66 without leaving your gym. All you have to do is work out the mileage, then cover it at your own pace. And remember: you don’t have to do it all in one go.

W: Wax on, wax off

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Let yourself be waxed from head to toe. Or go the whole hog and combine it with shaving your head for Brave the Shave.

X: Xtreme sports

From playing poker underwater to building a bedroom at the top of Ben Nevis, our supporters go the distance to raise money with their ideas. Why not do extreme ironing or bake a cake in a bizarre location?

Y: Your walk

We love walking – and if you do too why not sign up to host Your Walk for Macmillan? Fresh air. Laughs with family and friends. A cuppa from your thermos. And making a massive difference for people living with cancer. What’s not to love? So, walk whenever and wherever you want in aid of Macmillan.

Z: Zorbing

Ever wondered what it's like to be a pair of socks on a spin cycle? Get people to sponsor your zorb and wonder no more.