Azmina on being a Macmillan Recovery Package Project Manager

Published: 02 March 2020
Azmina stands smiling in front a bookcase of Macmillan information booklets.

Azmina works as a Macmillan Recovery Package Project Manager in East London where she helps people throughout their cancer journey. She is there to listen to each person’s specific concerns and ensures they get the right support and information.

'It's my role to try and empower patients.' 

As a Macmillan Recovery Package Project Manager, it’s my role to try and empower patients and give them back their ability to make decisions for themselves, even if they’re still in a clinical environment. It’s about helping people with cancer to carve out a small piece of control at a time when everything else about having cancer can feel beyond their control.

The best thing about being a Macmillan professional is that I’ve got so many resources and support services right here at the end of my fingertips. This means I can always find a way to help people.

One of my recent patients was an elderly lady with lung cancer who was coming to the end of her radiotherapy treatment. I explained that there was a good Macmillan booklet on long-term consequences and late effects of treatment which she needed to show to her carers.

Because the post can be so slow I wasn’t sure if I could get the booklet to her in time for the next carer's visit so I took it to her home address myself.

I popped it through her letterbox with the right parts already highlighted and underlined to make it easier for her. The lady rang up first thing the next morning because she was so thankful.

I really appreciate the Macmillan brand as it allows you to build trust and rapport. Being a Macmillan professional is almost like an accreditation badge which says I’m serious about helping people with cancer the best I can, and I have high standards when it comes to cancer support.

How we can help

Macmillan Support Line
The Macmillan Support Line is a free and confidential phone service for people living and affected by cancer. If you need to talk, we'll listen. 


Welfare rights advice and tools

There are lots of benefits that could help you after a cancer diagnosis, but the system can be confusing. Our Welfare Rights Advisors are here to help.

Financial and work
We have information and an advice service for anyone who has to cope with cancer while they are working or running a business