Celebrating 10 years of the No7 Boots Macmillan Beauty advisors

Published: 13 September 2023

Lauren, Sharon and Tina share what they love most about the role. Learn more about how the advisors help people living with cancer.

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Ros Ayres Digital Content Editor at Macmillan

Working together to help people living with cancer 

Through our long-standing Boots and No7 partnerships, we have been working together to deliver bespoke training to No7 Beauty Advisors to help people living with the effects of cancer feel more like themselves again. We currently have over 500 trained BMBAs in selected Boots stores across the UK who provide this free service.

Find out which stores have a BMBA, and book an appointment.

What support can Macmillan Boots Beauty Advisors give?

Last year, No7 and Macmillan created a series of videos with BMBA Charlotte and Macmillan storytellers Melissa, Nina, Chloe, and Ben to demonstrate the type of support a BMBA can give.


At Macmillan we understand that people living with cancer can find it challenging to feel confident about their body image. A cancer diagnosis and cancer treatments can cause physical changes to the body and how people feel about it. Some people may feel uncomfortable or unhappy about their bodies, others may try to combat feelings of anxiety by avoiding social events or going outside.

Over the past 10 years, BMBAs have gone above and beyond to provide 1,000s of free consultations, sharing face-to-face beauty advice and emotional support to people with cancer to help them overcome these challenges.

Lauren, sharon and Tina share what they love about being a Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisor

No7 Macmillan Beauty Advisors


"It is the most rewarding part of my role to be that hand to hold, ear to listen and a heart to understand our customers who are going through cancer treatment or living with the side effects of cancer treatment. We truly make someone feel more like themselves again which to me is the best feeling and a feeling that is hard to top. I feel privileged to do the role I do!"


"I have been a BMBA for many years now. I have also been a recipient of one of our BMBAS who was so kind to me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I love being able to give so much compassionate help and advice to our customers with this training. The feedback post consultations are always so fulfilling, and my customers appreciate me being able to give them specialist advice when they are going through their cancer journey."


"Being a BMBA makes me feel like I have made a real difference to someone’s life. I’ve listened and advised and given my support to customers through probably one of the toughest times of their life. Seeing them leave with a smile on their face makes my job so rewarding."

All funds raised by Boots will support Macmillan's services including the Macmillan Support Line, Online Community and our cancer information.

Find out how Macmillan can help

If you are worried about cancer, your body image or you have other questions, you are not the only one.

We have a booklet and audiobook about cancer and body image. We also have cancer information in different languages and accessible formats including easy read and British Sign Language.

We know that cancer can be tough on your finances. You may also be worried about rises to energy bills and other costs of living. Read about cost of living and the help that is available.

You can ask your GP or practice nurse any questions you have and let them know if you have any concerns about symptoms or treatments.


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