The Cancer-related Fatigue Collaboration

Cancer-related fatigue is a significant challenge that disproportionately impacts the most deprived communities. Macmillan are setting out to change that, with a new project focused on bringing together expertise from across the UK.

Could you get involved?

The Challenge


90% of people living with cancer have experienced cancer-related fatigue at some point in their journey. Years of evidence suggests that fatigue also disproportionately impacts people in marginalised and minority groups, such as those with low income, living with a disability, living with multiple long-term conditions or from a minority ethnic group.

Countering fatigue is not a new challenge. Evidence, treatment and best practice exist to help people living with cancer to manage and support their fatigue and increase their quality of life.

However, these existing methods are not widely known, and best practice not always followed, leading to people continuing to struggle with it unnecessarily. The reasons for this are not clear cut, but we believe that there are many barriers for those struggling to navigate fatigue, the cancer pathway itself and the wider healthcare system.


The Response


To tackle this systemic issue, we require a collective and holistic response from all parts of the system. No one solution will create meaningful change – instead, a combination of interventions and workstreams that address multiple barriers will move us forward.

The Cancer Fatigue CoLab aims to bring together a group of national partners with diverse experience, who are committed to tackling this oft-overlooked, complex, and misunderstood problem.

From September to December 2022, these partners will come together through a series of workshops and trial projects to identify opportunity areas, develop solutions, and test their efficacy – culminating in developing a case for support and investment by the end of the year.


How to get involved


We’re looking for people with interest and experience in cancer-related fatigue to be a part of this journey. You could:

  • Have lived experience of cancer-related fatigue
  • Have experience of launching and scaling new initiatives in the NHS
  • Be passionate about health equality and systems change
  • Represent or work with marginalised communities, especially people who identify as having a disability; are part of a minority ethnic group; have comorbidities; are experiencing income deprivation
  • Support marginalised communities
  • Have professional expertise in cancer-related fatigue

Join the CoLab to be a part of the change - you can register your interest by email using the button below and we'll get in touch.

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