Macmillan Digital Storytelling Project

Our project has supported people to share their stories and what matters to them.

What is the Digital Storytelling Project?


An image of an open book with illustrations coming out of the pages. Illustrations include a badminton racket, shuttlecock, a sun, a laptop, people speak and trees.


Our project supported people affected by cancer to tell their stories in their own words. We have been working with Scottish Book Trust to create digital stories in the form of video workshops support people affected by cancer to tell their stories in their own words."It was really helpful to hear others’ stories. Initially they provided a guide but also the messages made me realise that everyone has a story worth listening to (including me!)” – Mhairi, Digital storyteller

Telling your story can help you connect with people, help others feel less alone, and even help improve cancer services. It can also be therapeutic and help you to work through your experience.

We have let our storytellers decide how they share their story – it can be shared as much or as little as they are comfortable with. If a storyteller chooses to share it with us, we use it to help make sure we’re getting our support right for people living with cancer. 

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Story of the month

Every month we feature a story from our library of digital stories.

This month we are featuring Diana's story: Time and Patience are Always Required. This is Diana's story of how she underestimated how much effort was required to return to work, as did her employers. She would urge people to take their time, and not to be pressured into being the person they were.


"The Macmillan Digital Storytelling was a wonderful experience. It’s was very therapeutic; it was nice to learn a new skill and meet new people. The project was very timely, in terms of the length of the project wasn’t too long. I got a sense of peace while being on the project even though I was going through my journey. it was amazing hearing and seeing my end project." - Peju


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Storytellers' experiences

Hear from Genevieve, who joined us on one of our Macmillan What Matters To You Digital Storytelling Workshops. She shares her experience of the workshops.