Email support from diagnosis

Ongoing information and support via email, from day one. Helping you cope with the health, money and emotional impacts of cancer.

About email support from diagnosis

We understand that a cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming. You may have questions about many things such as your cancer treatment options, side effects, how to talk to your family or doctor and your rights at work. 

Tell us a few details about yourself we will send you a series of emails containing relevant information and services.

If you sign up to receive regular emails from us when you are diagnosed with cancer, we can:

  • Offer you tailored ongoing information and support at the time you need it
  • Help you cope with the health, money and emotional impacts of cancer
  • Help you understand your diagnosis so you can ask the right questions about your treatment

About the emails you will get

The emails will include links to information about your cancer type. They will also offer you information that will help you:-

  • Plan and manage your finances
  • Talk about your diagnosis with loved ones and colleagues 
  • Cope with any changes in your relationships
  • Understand what benefits you may be able to claim
  • Follow a healthy diet during treatment

Each email covers a different topic, providing easy to understand information that’s relevant to your situation.

We will also tell you about the other types of support we can offer you, including the Macmillan Support Line and the Macmillan Online Community.


How many emails will I receive?

You will receive 9 weekly emails covering information about your type of cancer and how to find support. You will then receive 11 further emails every other week, providing relevant information as you go through treatment and beyond.

Complete the short sign up form and we will aim to send your first email by the next weekday.

Who are the emails for?

The emails can help anyone who has been recently diagnosed with cancer.

How to sign up

All you need to provide is your name, cancer type and email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Sign up

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