Virtual cancer support in Sussex

The Macmillan Horizon centre offers virtual support to people affected by cancer in Sussex in a way that works best for you. Whether that’s a regular phone call, an online support group or help as and when you need it.

About the Macmillan Horizon Centre

The Macmillan Horizon Centre in Sussex offers people living with cancer a place to relax and find support. The centre also has online services and support groups, so we can be there for more people affected by cancer in Sussex who may be unable to visit our centre in person.

You can find more information about visiting the Macmillan Horizon Centre here.

Horizon Connect - video sessions

Horizon Connect is an online support group facilitated by the Macmillan Horizon Centre. You can join for virtual ‘face-to-face’ video meetings with others. It allows you to talk with those in similar positions and can provide both support and practical hints and tips.

The sessions are free and run every Friday at 10.30am for 45 minutes.

To join these sessions, or if you have any more questions, e-mail and we will email you back with instructions on how to join.

Support over the phone

Call the Macmillan Horizon Centre for regular phone-based support or just call us for a one-off chat. You can phone us on 01273 468770 between 9am and 4pm.

During an initial phone call with either Scarlett or Elaine, you can decide if you would like follow-up calls and the frequency of these.

Follow up calls will be carried out by our wonderful Macmillan Horizon Centre Information & Support Volunteers.

The following phone services are also available for anyone affected by cancer in the UK. Please note these are not run by the Macmillan Horizon Centre in Sussex but Macmillan Cancer Support itself:

Physical activity sessions from home

The Macmillan Horizon Centre have virtual sessions you can join from home using Microsoft Teams. This is very easy to use – just give us a call and we can help you get set up. If you would like to attend any of the online sessions, please call 01273 468 770 or email

  • Pilates
    Trouble getting up from a chair? Struggling more with your shopping? These Pilates-based moves could really help. Build strength, improve balance and increase flexibility. With plenty of laughter along the way too!
  • Yoga Nidra
    Join this 30 minute session of virtual Yoga Nidra – sometimes called ‘yoga sleep’. It is guided by meditation.
  • Breathing workshop
    Our breathing workshop is a chance to learn how to use your breath to help you to relax and feel calmer. Richard, our expert volunteer will lead you through the workshop sharing with you techniques and breathing sequences that you can then use whenever you need to take a breather.

Resources and support for people in Sussex

We have created a resource for anyone living with or affected by cancer in Sussex. Simply click below to browse local support, projects and websites you may find helpful. 

Browse resources

The resource has links to some Macmillan services and information. There are also links to resources from other organisations, specifically for people in the following areas:

  • Brighton and Hove
  • East Sussex
  • West Sussex

If you have any questions about using this resource, please contact the Macmillan Horizon Centre at This resource is regularly monitored to give you the most up-to-date information.

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