Financial support for Saima

See how Macmillan supported Saima financially throughout her treatment.

Saima was just 29 when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was self-employed running her own restaurant at the time, and so when cancer meant she couldn’t work money quickly became a big issue. Macmillan provided financial support to help Saima through, including grants and expert advice. 

'Macmillan have been a great help to a new world I faced of self-employment and cancer,’ says Saima. 'Straight away when I was diagnosed I was handed over to the Macmillan team. They were fantastic.

'I’ve used Macmillan in so many different ways. The support line has been such a godsend, especially being self-employed. It was amazing for advice on going about getting payments, and how to navigate my way around being self-employed with cancer. I also got information on the benefits and reductions I could apply for.

'I gained a lot of weight through the steroids then lost a lot of weight due to anxiety, and I approached Macmillan and received £420 Macmillan grant. It helped with the adjustments I’ve had to make, like buying new bedding.

'Macmillan have been there through different stages. Emotionally, after the initial diagnosis they were there straight away, and the website for informative information, and to see other people’s stories.

'I found it quite difficult when people found out the news, it was like I died already – people would send messages saying thoughts are with you, or wanted to send flowers. We need to demystify what cancer means – it can mean a long life but it’s a life worth living. We have to talk about living with it now.

'Now my best friend Kim is running the London Marathon for Macmillan and I am fundraising to support her.’

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