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See how Macmillan supported Mo financially from diagnosis and beyond.

Mo was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014 after visiting his GP with a swollen leg. The cancer had already spread to Mo’s hips and was inoperable. As a result, Mo had to give up his job as a HGV driver, which meant no money coming in. Mo called the Macmillan Support Line, and one of the advisers helped fill in the forms to claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Macmillan also supported him with a grant to help with heating bills.

‘Macmillan were the first I confided in,’ says Mo. ‘I was diagnosed back in 2014, but it did not hit me until about 4-6 weeks later. I needed to talk to someone, so I called Macmillan and cried, and they put me at ease and helped me.

‘I had to give up my job, which I really really did love. The bills don’t stop. I was just eating away at my savings. It was only when I contacted Macmillan that it was just a heap of weight coming off my shoulders. The woman at the other end just listened. They said, "have you applied for disability allowance?".

‘The first time that I filled in the forms, they returned it back saying, "you’re not disabled". It’s only when Macmillan took over that I got the PIP.

‘You can’t do it on your own. You have to get professional advice from people like Macmillan. I’m more relaxed now because my finances are in order, and Macmillan have always been there.

‘So, in turn, now that I am getting better, I thought I’d do some fundraising — a coffee morning and car boot, raising money for Macmillan.’

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Saima's story

Saima was just 29 when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Being self-employed, she found money was a big issue. Macmillan helped her navigate the financial costs of cancer and provided grants.

Saima's story

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