Financial cancer support

Our advisers help with money and work matters, and on benefits and grants. Discover how we helped Saima.

Saima, aged 29, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018. She is self-employed and was hit by the financial impact of cancer when she couldn’t work. Macmillan helped her navigate the complex benefits system and gave her a grant to pay for the life adjustments she’s had to make, like buying a new wardrobe and new bedding.

Here's how we can support you financially:

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Right there with you

We’re here to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can, providing physical, financial and emotional support.

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Supporting you emotionally

We’re there for you at diagnosis and beyond, in your relationship with yourself and with your family.

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Supporting you physically

We provide information to help you make your best decision about treatment, and guidance about dealing with its effects.

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