Emotional support for Dave

See how Macmillan supported Dave emotionally throughout his treatment and beyond.

Dave was diagnosed with jaw (mouth) cancer in 2010. There were serious complications after treatment, which meant it took a long time to recover. Macmillan helped Dave find the emotional support he needed through a local cancer support group. Because Dave was so ill, his Macmillan nurse also got him into a local hospice where his health could be monitored. Dave has since set up dancing classes to help people with cancer.

'I was a shadow of the man I used to be,' says Dave. 'Macmillan steered me towards a cancer drop-in centre. As soon as I presented myself at the door I knew I had made the right decision. I could talk to people who really understood. I made good friends and great progress.

'When I was diagnosed I was already caring for my wife. After surgery I was no longer able to do so. The Macmillan benefits adviser arranged my benefits entitlements, including attendance allowance for her. The Macmillan nurse arranged a place in the day unit of the local hospice. Just one day a week, but it was enough.

'I had many reasons to be grateful for Macmillan’s support so when I was invited to become a facilitator with the HOPE programme, I accepted enthusiastically and now wear my Macmillan volunteer badge with pride.

'As a HOPE programme facilitator, I am always looking for ways to motivate people. I read about Macmillan’s Walking for Health scheme and thought “why not ‘Dancing for Health’?”

'Dancing for Health sessions are now held at St Luke’s Hospice in Sheffield and Chesterfield Royal Hospital Macmillan unit. The programme is being studied by Manchester Metropolitan University.

'It is the ideal exercise for recovery, I danced myself back to health.'

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