Emotional support for Alison

See how Macmillan supported Alison emotionally throughout her treatment and beyond.

Alison was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 47. The diagnosis came as a shock as Alison was fit and a keen cyclist, regularly taking part in 100-mile sportives. Macmillan gave Alison the emotional support she needed and helped her connect with other people in a similar situation. Macmillan also provided counselling to help Alison cope with what had happened and find a way to live her life as fully as possible.

'My breast care nurse put me in touch with Macmillan and I’m so glad,' says Ali, ‘The NHS does a phenomenal job of fixing us. But it is charities such as Macmillan who are there for us practically, mentally and emotionally. Initially I benefited from all the great leaflets produced by Macmillan and their website. I also attended workshops and the HOPE course organised by Macmillan. These enabled me to meet up with others who had cancer and I felt part of a supportive community.

'Then l had counselling provided by Macmillan. This was crucial to me processing the trauma of cancer, and helping to define my new life, and move forward with courage.

'Now that my active treatment has finished, I am focused on the psychological impact – cancer is traumatic. Counselling is helping me hugely as I process the shock of what happened and adjust to the new me. I look different (thanks to chemo) and have fatigue, which has meant some real changes to my lifestyle. This period of acceptance and adjustment is so important, but it’s tough, and one of the elements of cancer that I don't feel is talked about enough.

'The counselling I got from Macmillan was so helpful. And I took great comfort in knowing Macmillan was there. Now I want to live my life as well as I can.'

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