Emotional cancer support

Feeling confused, isolated, overwhelmed, in despair or not like yourself? Talk to us. We're right there with you, just like we were for Alison.

Alison was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. At first, she went to Macmillan’s workshops and HOPE course, as well as the Online Community which helped her feel less isolated. After treatment ended, she had counselling provided by Macmillan. She says, ‘This was crucial to me processing the trauma of cancer, and helping to define my new life and move forward with courage.’

Here's how we can support you emotionally:

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Right there with you

We’re here to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can, providing physical, financial and emotional support.

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Supporting you financially

Our advisers help with money and work matters, and with benefits and grants.

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Supporting you physically

We provide information to help you make your best decision about treatment, and guidance about dealing with its effects.

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