How we raise and spend our money

Last year was another great year for Macmillan. Thanks to our donors’ generosity and the huge commitment of our volunteers and staff, we brought in record total income of £230.2 million. Our charitable expenditure was £165.5 million, which is an increase of 9% on 2014. This enables us to provide more services and support to people affected by cancer than ever before.

How we raised our money

Our superb supporters raised £229 million in 2015, that’s £11.8 million more than the year before.

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Legacy income - £63.8 million

This is from people leaving a gift to us in their will.

Donation income - £151.1 million

Fundraising events - £53.7 million

This includes national, challenge and local events.

Direct marketing - £43.2 million

This is money raised by activities like direct debit campaigns and door drops.

Trusts and corporate income - £25.4 million

This is donation income from corporate supporters and charitable trusts.

Local fundraising committees - £6.2 million

This is donation income raised by fundraising committees in their local communities.

General donations - £20.9 million

We raise lots of money from general donations by the public.

Donated services and facilities - £1.7 million

We are extremely grateful for services and facilities donated to us.

Income from trading activities - £13.0 million

This includes income from our raffles and lotteries, fundraising committee sales and our online shop, licensing and other commercial activities.

Grant income - £1.1 million

This income comes from specific grants given to support Macmillan initiatives.

Total fundraising income - £229.0 million

Investment income - £1.2 million

Total income - £230.2 million

How we spent our money

Last year we spent £165.5 million on services for people affected by cancer, £13.1 million more than the year before.

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Healthcare - £56 million

We fund and support a range of health and social care professionals.

Information and support - £30.9 million

We provide people with information to help them make decisions about their treatment and care.

Financial support - £26.9 million

We provide financial support to help people who are struggling with the cost of cancer, including through Macmillan grants, benefits advice and financial guidance.

Campaigning and raising awareness - £25.1 million

We campaign for changes to improve the lives of people affected by cancer and raise awareness of issues most important to them.

Practical and emotional support - £16.5 million

We help people find the emotional support they need and get help with the practical issues arising from cancer.

Learning and development - £7.2 million

This includes providing training opportunities for professionals, volunteers and people affected by cancer.

Inclusion - £2.9 million

We want everyone affected by cancer to feel supported, no matter who they are or where they live.

Expenditure on charitable activities - £165.5 million

Expenditure on raising funds - £75.0 million

Total expenditure - £240.5 million

Download our Institutional grants by value for 2015 [PDF]