Learning and development grants

We understand continuing professional development plays a vital part in maintaining the expertise and high standards of Macmillan professionals.

To support this development, Macmillan provides two grants for individual professionals and teams.

The new Learning and Development Grants Application System is a much simpler process and will enable you to manage all your grant applications in one place. Benefits include:

  • easy to apply for individual and group grants
  • view details of all your applications
  • easy to update your profile if your details change.

Find out more about individual and group grants on the Learning & Development Grants website.

My grant has been invaluable in so many ways professionally and personally – handling difficult situations, listening and interpreting views, showing leadership for consents from patients, researching protocols, interpreting data and other information from different sources, writing practice papers.

Macmillan GP

Service improvement grants

Macmillan has refreshed its Service Improvement Grant programme (formerly known as the Service Support Grant) for Macmillan professionals. Key changes to the Service Improvement Grant programme are:

  • It is open to services needing items of equipment or resources that ‘enhance the experience of people affected by cancer and improve the service delivery’
  • The maximum grant amount is now £1,000 for an individual and £5,000 for a group grant
  • Only adopted or out-of-funding services are eligible

If you are interested in applying, please discuss your potential application with your local Macmillan Development Manager in the first instance, and then email one of the addresses below for further details.