The Macmillan Medical Student Network

Established in 2016, our student network brings together medical students from across the country and educates them about Macmillan’s work.

Whether you plan to become a GP, an oncologist or a surgeon, you’re part of a unique group of medical professionals who will soon be caring for the ever-increasing number of people diagnosed with cancer.

We want to support you to learn more about the experiences of people with cancer and develop the skills you’ll need to feel confident in talking to, caring for and supporting them throughout your career.

We aim to do this through Macmillan events tailored to your interests and needs.

What are the benefits of being a member?

By joining the Macmillan Medical Student Network and taking part in activities, you will:

  • develop leadership and management skills
  • gain a deeper understanding of cancer care, beyond the traditional undergraduate curriculum
  • connect with other students across the UK who are interested in cancer.

What opportunities does the network offer?

You can get involved in:


Macmillan has a huge national network of volunteers. We can coordinate with your local volunteering centres to provide opportunities.

You could:

  • spend time with people affected by cancer to develop your communication skills
  • learn about cancer treatments and the impact they have.

You can volunteer every 6 months, once a week or anywhere in between depending on how much time you have.

We also want to support your volunteering ideas and encourage you to tell us where you could add value.


Macmillan offers specific support to help volunteers develop skills and we can provide formal recognition of these skills, for example a certificate for your portfolio.

For details of current opportunities, visit our Volunteering Village.



We can help you set up local learning events for medical students about Macmillan’s work and ways to get involved.

You could host:

  • talks from local Macmillan staff and volunteers
  • workshops with people affected by cancer 
  • teaching sessions on oncology.

If given enough notice, Macmillan can also help you run the event and provide certificates.



There is a large community of doctors who work with Macmillan to provide clinical insight, including over 200 Macmillan GPs and 20 consultant advisors.

We can approach relevant professionals to speak at your event and share their considerable expertise. As a result, you could potentially gain access to academic research, enabling audits and the development of academic posters for conferences.


Professional development

We can endorse your skills and provide advice on how to promote yourself and your interests.

We’ve created a LinkedIn group to provide you with a national network of contacts with similar interests and aspirations who may be able to help with future projects.

To join, email