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We are no longer actively recruiting for the Macmillan Alumni programme. Read on to find out about the changes we're making, and how you can continue to share your knowledge and expertise with us.

The Macmillan Alumni programme has been paused and we are no longer actively recruiting for this programme. Further updates will be provided in due course. However, if you are an ex-Macmillan Professional and would like to stay in touch, please sign up to receive our regular newsletter, Mac Update.

Ex-Macmillan Professionals can still get involved, by joining our Mentoring Scheme to support Macmillan Professionals in training. The Macmillan Explore programme is a modular e-learning programme supported through mentoring. It has been designed to be a one-stop shop for health care professionals interested in finding out more about the cancer pathway, cancer services, cancer roles and how to apply for roles in cancer care teams.

We are keen to draw on the expertise and experience of our retired professionals to support the cancer care teams of the future. Mentoring sessions are conducted by phone and are aligned to the four core modules on the programme – so the time commitment would be just 30 minutes, every month, for four months. We welcome your input on this key learning programme. If you would like to find out more, please contact Angela Cleary.

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