Networking and awards

  • Networking opportunities

    We provide a number of opportunities for current and former Macmillan professionals to network with colleagues across the UK.

  • Macmillan Professionals Conference

    An annual conference exclusively for Macmillan post-holders to network, share and develop.

  • Macmillan Professionals Excellence Awards

    Find out how Macmillan acknowledge the hard work our professionals do each year through the Macmillan Professionals Excellence Awards.

  • The Macmillan Medical Student Network

    Established in 2016, our student network brings together medical students from across the country and educates them about Macmillan’s work.

  • The Macmillan Alumni

    We are no longer actively recruiting for the Macmillan Alumni programme. Read on to find out about the changes we're making, and how you can continue to share your knowledge and expertise with us.