Lipomodelling after breast reconstruction

After breast reconstruction, there are sometimes dents or irregularities in the outline (contour) of the new breast.

This can be improved by injecting fat into your breast to fill out the dent. This is a relatively new procedure that’s been developed from liposuction techniques. It can also be used to enlarge a breast. It is now more widely used in women having implant reconstructions to make them look and feel more natural.

Lipomodelling is a day-case procedure and involves taking fat from one part of your body, for example, the thigh or the abdomen, and injecting it into the breast. After the procedure, the area where the fat was taken from may be bruised and sore, but this wears off quickly.

The procedure usually needs to be repeated a few times. This is because some of the fat absorbs into the body so needs to be replaced. Repeating the procedure also makes sure any uneven areas are smoothed out. Lipomodelling is not usually done until the reconstructed breasts have fully healed. This usually takes about 6–12 months. Your reconstruction surgeon can give you more information.

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Surgery to the other breast

Some women have surgery to the other breast so it matches with the size of the reconstructed breast as much as possible.