Radiotherapy for stomach cancer

Radiotherapy is the use of high-energy rays such as x-rays to destroy cancer cells. Radiotherapy is most often used to relieve symptoms caused by advanced stomach cancer, such as bleeding from the stomach. This is called palliative radiotherapy.

Occasionally, chemotherapy and radiotherapy may be given together (chemoradiation). This is to try to reduce the risk of cancer returning after surgery. It may be given before surgery (neo-adjuvant) or after surgery. It would be used after for people who didn’t have chemotherapy before surgery. Chemoradiation is not often used as a treatment for stomach cancer in the UK. We have more information about how radiotherapy is given and its side effects.

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Possible side effects

There are things you can do to help manage the possible side effects of radiotherapy treatment.

Who might I meet?

You will meet many different specialists before, during and after radiotherapy treatment.