Local transport services

Services available across the UK

  • Free or reduced-cost bus travel. In England, Wales and Scotland, if you have a disability, you can get a free bus pass if you meet certain criteria. Contact your local council for more information. In Northern Ireland, you can travel for half-price if you are getting certain disability benefits. Contact Translink on 0289 066 6630 or use text phone number 18001 9066 6630.
  • Community transport services. If you have problems using public transport, these services may be available in your area. For example, services providing trips to local shopping centres. Some areas have wheelchair-accessible transport that can pick you up from home (dial-a-ride services). To find out what is available in your area, use the Community Transport Association, or speak to your local council.
  • Disability Action Transport Scheme (Northern Ireland). This scheme provides low-cost transport for people with disabilities in Northern Ireland. Find out more at disabilityaction.org
  • Local voluntary groups (good neighbour schemes). Some areas have local groups that provide practical help such as help with transport to hospital or to see your GP.
  • Local voluntary groups (good neighbour schemes). Some areas have local groups that provide practical help such as help with transport to hospital or to see your GP.
  • The British Red Cross. It can provide personal transport services across the UK. This includes a companion for a public transport journey, or a private car with a driver. You will usually be asked to contribute towards the cost. But you will not be refused the service if you cannot pay.
  • Shopmobility schemes. These provide wheelchairs and scooters to help disabled people get around their local area or shopping centres. In England, Scotland or Wales, call 01933 229 644 or visit nfsuk.org In Northern Ireland, visit shopmobilityni.org or call 07934 190 242.
  • Reduced taxi fare schemes. These are available in some areas. Speak to your local council for more information. Or visit gov.uk if you live in England, cosla.gov.uk if you live in Scotland, or wlga.wales if you live in Wales.

Regional transport services

  • St John Wales. This organisation can provide transport for people in Wales who have problems using public transport or their own vehicle. Visit their website or call 0292 044 9600.
  • The Highlands and Islands Travel Scheme. Under this scheme, people from the Highlands and Islands in Scotland can claim a refund on their travel costs to hospital. To qualify, you must live or work in the former Highlands and Islands Development Board area. Or you must need to travel at least 30 miles from your home (or more than 5 miles by water) to hospital. You must pay £10 of any fare you are claiming, unless you are getting certain income-related benefits. If you need someone to travel with you, their expenses can also be paid for. A health professional has to confirm that this is medically necessary for you. Ask your GP or the cash office at the hospital for a claim form.
  • Isles of Scilly Travel Cost Scheme. The NHS funds transport for all Isles of Scilly residents to get to and from the mainland for hospital treatment. You have to pay a £5 booking fee.
  • London Taxicard Scheme. This scheme provides discounts on door-to-door transport for people who have problems using public transport because of serious mobility problems. Taxicard holders can make journeys in licensed London taxis. The discount is applied to each trip. For more information and an application form, visit londoncouncils.gov.uk/services or call 020 7934 9791.

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Travelling to hospital

You may be able to get help with your travel costs to and from hospital for treatment.

The Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme can help with parking costs if you have severe mobility problems.

Car and driving costs

You may qualify for schemes that help you buy or rent a car, scooter or powered wheelchair.