Types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma

There are many different types of NHL. Your doctors need to know which type you have so they can give you the best treatment.

B-cell and T-cell lymphomas

Lymphomas develop from abnormal lymphocytes. There are two main types of lymphocyte: B-cell lymphocytes and T-cell lymphocytes. If a lymphoma developed from abnormal B-cell lymphocytes, it is called a B-cell lymphoma. If it developed from abnormal T-cell lymphocytes, it is called a T-cell lymphoma.

Types of B-cell lymphoma

B-cell lymphomas are more common than T-cell lymphomas. About 9 out of 10 people diagnosed with NHL (90%) have a B-cell lymphoma.

The most common types of B-cell lymphoma are:

Other less common types include:

Types of T-cell lymphoma

T-cell lymphomas are much less common than B-cell lymphomas. There are a number of different types of T-cell lymphoma. They include:

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What is non-Hodgkin lymphoma?

In non-Hodgkin lymphoma, blood cells called lymphocytes become abnormal. It is the fifth most common cancer in the UK.