What's involved in an autologous stem cell transplant?

In some situations you can have a transfusion of your own stem cells. This is called an autologous stem cell transplant. But it isn’t done often for people with AML.

Having an autologous stem cell transplant means you can have high-dose treatment. This means intensive chemotherapy, with or without radiotherapy. Then your own stem cells are returned afterwards to rescue your bone marrow from the effect of the treatment.

If you have APL that has come back after treatment, you may have an autologous stem cell transplant.

Before you have treatment, some of your stem cells will be collected from your blood or bone marrow. The stem cells are then stored. After you’ve had the treatment, they are given back to you through a drip using your central line, PICC line or implantable port.

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Collecting stem cells

High-dose treatment begins with the collection your stems cells from your blood or bone marrow.