Getting your mammogram results

You usually get the results in writing about two weeks after your screening appointment. A copy will also go to your GP. If you do not hear anything by this time, you can phone your breast screening unit and ask them to check your results.

Your results letter will tell you one of the following things:

  • Your mammogram is normal and you will be invited again for screening in three years. About 96 out of every 100 women (96%) who go for screening will have a normal result.
  • You are invited for a repeat mammogram because of technical problems.
  • You are invited to a breast assessment clinic for further tests. This happens in about 4 in 100 (4%) of women who go for screening. Around 3 out of 4 (75%) of women who have further tests will not have breast cancer.

Breast screening results diagram
Breast screening results diagram

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The breasts

Breasts are made of fat, supportive (connective tissue) and glandular tissue that contains lobes (milk glands).

Being breast aware

Knowing what your breasts normally feel and look like can help you to notice any changes early.